Paschal Round-Robin Tournament

Posted by Coach Foster on 1/25/2024

Last night, our wrestlers took a trip to Paschal High School and competed in a round-robin style tournament. This was our last look at the wrestlers inside Fort Worth ISD that we will stack up against next Saturday.  Our cougars showed up ready for the challenge.  We had three wrestlers who earned their first victories last night. Anyone who has ever grappled in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or Wrestling knows the first win lights a fire inside the athlete and makes them hungry for more. Congratulations to (first year wrestling) Vonmeisha Harrison, (first year wrestler) Daviahn Ervin, and (first year wrestler) Uriel Estrada for getting their first pins last night. 

Next Saturday is the BIG DAY! We have prepared all year long for the District championships. You can come in 30 and 0 or 0 and 30, but if you lack the fire to will lose. The pilot light is lit, and we are ready for the gas! GO Cougars!!!