District 5A - Region 2

Posted by Coach Foster on 2/5/2024

This weekend our wrestlers traveled to Birdville High School to compete in the District 5A Region 2 Championship. Every practice, every tournament, every dual, every rep in the weight room, and every lap on the track was to prepare each wrestler for the chance to be crowned a DISTRICT CHAMPION.  There were 19 schools who competed in this tournament, and in each weight class, only four athletes would qualify for a guaranteed spot at the Regional Tournament in Frisco Texas. 

The District tournament ran from 9AM to 9 PM.  Our wrestlers were up at 5am on Saturday morning and wrestled into the late evening.  I was very proud of the courage and class our athletes showed during the tournament. They won and lost with honor. Uriel Estrada (Freshman) and Christian Chun (Freshman) competed in their first ever district tournament at the JV level. Both competed with heart and had a successful day. Alexis Yakobo, Raziel Gutierrez, Oscar Gutierrez, Trevor Q'Quinn, Tavares Hamilton, Tyler Willis, Jamarion Ford, Trishtan Willis, Tiara Reed, Vonmeisha Harrison, and Daviahn Ervin competed at the varsity level.

Special shout out to Coach Moilan and Coach Jackson (and his wife) for showing up to support our wrestlers on Saturday. When the dust settled and the podiums came out, 6 Western Hills Wrestlers remained. Tavares Hamilton (157 weight class - 4th place qualifier), Trishten Willis (190 weight class - 4th place qualifier), Alexis Yakobo (115 weight class - 5th place Alternate), Tyler Willis (165 weight class - 5th place alternate), Tiara Reed (132 weight class - 5th place alternate), and Vonmeisha Harrison (235 weight class - 5th place alternate). This group of wrestlers will have the opportunity of continuing the grind of training to prepare for the regional tournament held this upcoming weekend. 

Thank you all for your support and special thank you to Mrs. Flores for support this week along with Mrs. Patty who keeps our kids from life's unfortunate struggles.