Regional Tournament

Posted by Coach Foster on 2/13/2024

This weekend, two of our wrestlers traveled to Frisco for the UIL Region 2 District 5A championship.  This is a two-day tournament that requires a lot of grit and self-determination.  Our boys fought hard but fell short on the backside.  "On the backside" is a term we use to describe being on the back bracket fighting for 3rd through 6th place.  Win three and fight for 1st, but lose one and find yourself on the backside, which could have you on track for having to win at least 6 or 7 matches.

Trishtan Willis got to the backside and fell short on day one.  He had an injury during the football season that kept him from getting a lot of wrestling time, but he bounced back from the injury quickly. Trishtan was still ranked as the number one seed going into the district tournament, even though he missed a lot.  Trishtan was able to get 4th in the district, in spite of being out 3/4ths of the season.  I'm very proud of his leadership and dedication this year.  I can't wait to see him attack the hurdles in this year's track season.  

Tavares Hamilton had a very strong wrestling season.  He finished the year with over 20 pins and 20 victories.  He placed 4th in the District championships.  At the regional tournament, Tavares bounced back and defeated the number 2 finisher from the district, moving to the Semi Finals Round on the back side. He fought as long as he could and finished 6th over all in the region.  I know Tavares wanted more, but he did his best.  I will also be excited to see him on the track this season with Trishtan Willis.  We will miss him in wrestling, and he will be hard to replace.  Thank you all for supporting our Cougars! 

We had several wrestlers who placed 5th in the District tournament and were alternates for the Regional meet in Frisco.  This year, more than 6 alternates were pulled into action to wrestle.  Congratulations to Tyler Willis, Alexis Yakobo, Tiara Reed, and Vonmeisha Harrison for your hard work and finishing 5th place. 

Pictures have been uploaded to our gallery.  *picture credits - Coach Moilan/Jayme Rodriguez