FWISD Students Demonstrate Significant Growth in MAP Data

Fort Worth ISD students are showing noteworthy progress in reading and math scores according to MAP middle of year data.

The district presented data to the board at a special meeting on Feb. 13. Not only are Fort Worth ISD students growing across grades, student groups, and demographics, but they are also nearly in line with national averages.

The MAP test is administered to students three times a year. It is a national standardized test that allows teachers to monitor student growth and provides teachers individualized student data to guide instruction.

Glen Park fifth grade teacher Rebecca Sayman highlighted the phenomenal growth of her students. 

“This year, I had students who started severely below grade level in reading and are now not only reading on grade level, but comprehending, and they’re reading all the time,” she said. “I had a kid who struggled in the past and passed the test, and we were both in tears.”

Sayman also noted that several English learners in her class grew at least 20 points in reading during the first semester, among many other successes.  

Her students support each other, review class data collectively, and collaborate to enhance their skills. 

Glen Park Principal Hilda Herrera said the campus is using data-driven instruction and professional learning communities to translate recent district initiatives into growth.  

“Keeping up this culture of hard work and accountability isn’t easy, but it’s something we’re committed to as a campus,” she said. “We need to do what is right for all students to succeed.” 

Trustees approve a reduction in force

To address the deficit budget resulting from declining enrollment, the state legislature’s inaction on public school financing, and the end of federal ESSER funds, FWISD will reduce district staff.

No action taken affected classroom-level teachers.

The district acknowledges the impacts of these decisions. That is why this announcement is made early, allowing affected employees ample time to find other opportunities. 

There will be other openings for employment in the district available due to retirements, resignations, and other factors. In addition, an internal hiring fair will be held next month.

All of these efforts come back to student achievement. Ensuring that the maximum resources are directed back into the classroom remains our top priority, providing teachers and students with the necessary tools for success.