Fort Worth ISD Moves Forward With Several Facilities Updates

Fort Worth ISD trustees received an update from the Citizens Oversight Committee on the 2021 bond at the March 26 board meeting.

The district has paid $71.5 million of the $1.2 billion bond to date on the 27 projects in the bond program. As of February, 59% of the projects were in the design phase; 33% were in the programming phase; 4% were in construction procurement; and 4% are in post-construction. 

Rolling Hill Elementary School is in post-construction and W.C. Stripling is in the construction procurement phase. 

The bond is seeking contracts with Historically Underutilized Businesses and has committed 38.29% of HUB contracts to date. 

Moving forward, the committee is looking for ways to develop a process to gather input during the design phase of projects. 

Some of the architects on the middle school bond projects include Wyatt Hedrick, Preston Geren, Birch Easterwood, Joseph R. Pelich, and Wiley G. Clarkson. 

Trustees Approve Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) Updates

The school board approved five items related to the Capital Improvement Program at Tuesday’s meeting.

The first two were to close out the contracts with Reeder General Contractor Inc. and complete the work on Carter-Riverside and Western Hills high schools. The closeout signifies the final payment and the end of the work for the 2017 CIP.

Trustees also approved a budget amendment transferring funds for several projects.

Trustees Approve Wedgwood Consolidation 

Fort Worth ISD will consolidate Wedgwood 6th grade campus into one Wedgwood Middle School beginning with the 2024-25 school year. 

Returning to a one Wedgwood Middle School allows students emotional and social growth, arts and athletics opportunities, and a chance to be in a wider community with more of their peers.

The district continues to work through logistics and will be in communication with families as bus routes and other details are finalized. 

The district expects minimal staff disruption. This consolidation is part of the master facilities plan.