Tour Tuesday: The Work of Sedrick Huckaby

O.D. Wyatt High School alumnus Sedrick Huckaby is one of the most celebrated artists in Texas. Huckaby is widely considered a world-class talent and many prominent institutions across the country exhibit his work. 

His portrait of Opal Lee resides at the National Portrait Gallery in Washington D.C.

The mural in Greenbriar Elementary School gym is home to what is believed to be among his very first public works, completed in 1992.

Huckaby continues to live and work in the Fort Worth area, where he grew up.

“It has been an inspiration to come home to serve my community after being given the opportunity to study art at Boston University, Yale University and at museums all over the world,” he said. “After learning about the global art world I also learned another simple lesson — The art that I am most often occupied with is about the themes, people and places of my home town. I found that I could address the issues of global importance through dealing with the same issues within my local community. So, I decided to move back home,” says Huckaby in his UTA professor bio. 

Since returning, Huckaby married his wife, Letitia, who is also an artist, specializing in photo-based art. They have three children; Rising Sun, 17; Halle Lujah,14; and Rhema Rain, 6.

The couple opened the Kinfolk House, a project space and gallery, in 2022. The Kinfolk House is a space to promote artists and creatives in the Polytechnic neighborhood.