Smart Fun in the Summertime

Smart Fun in the Summertime

Achieve3000 & Smarty Ants

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    Achieve3000 is committed to partnering with parents/guardians and educators to improve reading comprehension, fluency, vocabulary, and writing for all students. Smarty Ants, KidBiz, TeenBiz, and Empower deliver content and fun activities that are customized to your child’s individual learning needs. 

    Your child can access their grade-level Achieve3000 product at any time!

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    Summer provides great opportunities for families to spend time and learn together in ways that can expand classroom learning: exploring the outdoors, taking trips, more self-selected reading, connecting with friends and family, and extended play.

    At ReadyRosie, we believe that families do not need money to have a rich summer experience, but they do need resources and ideas. We know that families can take advantage of everyday summer activities and keep the learning and exploring happening all summer long when given the tools and inspiration.

    ReadyRosie is now helping to scale this idea by introducing Summer Soar, a 8 week series of curated video playlists designed to give families relevant ideas, games, and activities throughout the summer.

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Summer Slide

  • Summer Slide

    As you and your children “slide” into summer, don’t let “The Summer Slide” rob your children of the reading and learning achievement.

    Fort Worth ISD’s coordinated cradle-to-career literacy strategy, 100x25FWTX, stresses that students who are “ready to read” will also be “ready to lead.”

    Many academic studies conclude that children who don’t continue their reading through the summer months will actually lose reading skills by the beginning of the next school years just a few, short months away.

    Parents, you can help stop the summer slide by adding just twenty minutes of reading into your child’s day! Visit the links on this page for fun low-cost ideas and tips on summer reading for all ages and grade levels.