Reset Student Passwords

  • As Fort Worth ISD students and families prepare for the new school year on September 8 there is one task that should be first on their “To Do” list: Reset Your Password.  

    Because the first four weeks will be online, all students must reset their passwords.  The reset will enable students to check their schedules, access online textbooks, or participate in a virtual back-to-school event, as well as connect with other resources. 

    Every student will receive an email (sent to the primary contact at home) with instructions. The email will include a default password to begin the reset process. If you don't receive an email, you can look up your students password using the Password Lookup Tool.  If you need help using the Password Lookup Tool, we created a Quick Reference Guide (QRG) with easy to follow directions.  

    When the student logs in, he or she will need to change their password. Elementary students must choose a password with 8 characters. This could be a pet's name, favorite color, or even mom's name.  Secondary (grades 6-up) students must choose a 12 digit password with three of these four complexity requirements—lower case letters, upper case letters, numbers, or special characters.

    The password reset process can be done on any device, whether it’s a District-issued or a personal laptop, tablet, iPad or cell phone. We have directions available to help students reset their passwords on a District Chromebook or Personal Device.  

    Parents are asked to help their younger students complete the process. Campuses will also communicate with families to provide support. 


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