Reshaping 2020=21

Key highlights from the Survey Results:

    • Parent/Guardian (16,122) and Community (2,318) participants were considerably higher than previous District surveys for parent and community participants.
    • 5,540 self-identified teachers participated

    Calendar Option:

    • A close choice. Parents (55%), students (55%), and teachers (56%), and community members (52%) preferred the traditional calendar option more than the early start with extended breaks calendar option. Most District staff, except for school support, preferred the early start with extended breaks calendar option.
    • If the District had to consider an academic schedule modification because of COVID19 restrictions, having students come on alternating days (Monday/Tuesday or Wednesday/Thursday) was preferred than alternating times (am or pm) within the same day.
    • Overall, all stakeholder groups felt somewhat to very supported by FWISD during the COVID19 shelter in place mandates.

    Return to School and Work Concerns and Needs:

    • Elementary students top concerns are fears of getting sick, other students not practicing social distancing, and adapting back into the school environment. Secondary students also had fears of becoming sick as well as feelings of being behind in their classes and their school being properly cleaned. Both groups needs are to know that schools are being properly cleaned and social distancing practices are enforced.
    • Parents and Guardians are concerned about the availability of safety materials such as PPE, that public health regulations are not being followed, and schools are not being properly disinfected. Their needs are school areas are sanitized properly with the availability of cleaning supplies when needed, the appropriate school procedures are in place to keep their student safe and require symptoms checks.
    • School and District staff are concerned with the availability of disinfecting materials, returning to school and buildings too early, and having in-person interactions with others. Their needs are having access to disinfecting supplies, work spaces are cleaned and sanitized daily, and health and safety procedures are followed.

    Meal Services:

    • Most parent respondents did not use meal pick-up services that was provided. However, 97% of parents agreed that this service should continue during the summer.
    • Those parents (n= 2,305) who did use the service was extremely (61%) to somewhat (30%) satisfied with the meal pick-up services.

    Remote Learning:

    • 62% of parents thought the amount of schoolwork their student was assigned was just the right number of lessons.
    • 72% of parents thought their student was provided enough instruction.
    • 62% of parents believes their student will be ready for the next grade level
    • 79% were somewhat to extremely satisfied with Bilingual/ELL services
    • 47% were somewhat to extremely satisfied with 504 services
    • 60% were somewhat to extremely satisfied with Dyslexia services